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10th October 2014

First off, welcome to the new Brickwick Projects website! It still has that fresh paint and new carpets smell, and I’m yet to spill a cup of coffee on it, so I hope it show off some of my work nicely and is easy to navigate. Any comments always welcome, of course.

I thought I’d kick off my blog posts, which I promise to try to keep more up to date (busy , busy, busy…), with a shout out for one of my recent clients, Cup North.

I’m really sad not to be able to make this new coffee festival in Manchester, which is taking place on the first weekend in November. This is both because I’ve met and worked with the guys and I know what lovely people they are, but also because I love coffee and am a self obsessed coffee geek. On my rare breaks away from web building and project work I can usually be found hovering over a single-estate V60 pour-over or AeroPress contraption, worrying about the fineness of my grind or the temperature of the water. I wonder if this is a symptom of freelancers, tech people or just geeky boys?

Of course, if this means anything to you, please head on over to the Cup North Website to find out more about this great festival. Even if it doesn’t, you should know that they’re also planning some awesome street food , music and more.

If you’d like tickets to Cup North on 1st/2nd November 2014, take a look here.

I’ll be in Venice, by the way. Boo hoo…

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