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Baby Broadway

Baby Broadway is a concert series aimed at babies, toddlers and their parents where professional West End performers bring the songs of the shows to little ears. After some very successful opening events in London, they needed a webisite to showcase their upcoming shows, and blog about the benefits of music to small children (and parents!)

Their site was built on WordPress and utilized the Jeet Sass responsive grid.



I have now worked for Cymbomute for some time, during which the the Cymbomute Shopify site has seen many iterations. Its latest design sees a slicker look, with a cool hero image, a simplified navigation and more clarity. the ‘Ambassadors’ section has also had a redesign and is now incorporated on the home page along with reviews and some nice CSS3 animation.

There is more to come too, with site translations in the offing, along with constant striving to improve conversions for this great product.

Switched On

Switched On, a new PR and consumer lifestyle agency based in Brighton, needed a website after bagging some top class early clients such as Ford, Taste of London Festival and Vitl. They wanted clear brand identity using a pre-exiting colour pallette, a functionality to allow for regular updates involving images and video, and a look and feel to the site that was in keeping with both their brand and their industry.

After initial consultation, it was decided to use a grid layout for regularly updated content, with three custom post types to fill this – ‘news’, ‘work’ and ‘stuff we like’. This could then sit under and optional ‘hero area’, to help to establish and emphasise the brand in the company’s earlier days. For this I utilised svg vector images with css animations to bring it to life, as the client was not keen on large generic images. The animations are intended to represent the dynamic and connected world of PR, as well as reflecting the brand name.

After such an impressive start, it was clear that Switched On needed a future-proof, expandable and content-ready site to expand with them. This is now what they have and I look forward to seeing them grow even more.

So It Is

So It Is is a production and programming company, specialising in festivals and music events. Created by the man behind the program at the Bury Met, So It Is already had a strong portfolio of festivals and events that it needed to showcase on it’s new website, as well as branding and a clear vision of what the website should look and feel like.

Some special features on the So It Is website build are the ‘magic’ hiding menu bar that disappears and appears on different scrolling actions to create more screen real estate; a customisable width for the optional image carousel; and Spotify playlist integration.

David and his graphic designer Nadine were a pleasure to work with and their site certainly has a quite unique look and feel with its index card theme.

Purple Riot

Purple Riot are an integrated marketing company based in Manchester. They specialise in the fashion and retail sectors and had previously managed to scrape by with a DIY site. The company MD Nikki came to Brickwick Projects for her website redesign and build when she decided it was time for more functionality, content, flexibility, mobile-readiness and better on page SEO.

Their old site had some of the look they wanted, but none of the more slick and clean feel that their industry requires.This mean some touches of jQuery for a ‘chase’ effect for the grid overlays on various pages and some strong design elements such as the service circles, clearly stating what Purple Riot has to offer its clients.

This was therefore a website redesign with a strong and ambitious brief which, if you take a closer look at Purple Riot, is also what their business is all about.

Do you need a fresh look for your business’ shop window on the web? If so, get in touch for a chat.


Mersey Belles

Many moons ago, in the early days of Brickwick Projects, these ladies from Liverpool approached me through a friend to design them an online press kit. I was so keen, I went the whole hog and designed them a website which they were thrilled with.

In the present day though, the Mersey Belles have become so popular that their website needed a fresh look, design and functionality to match their  increasing success. Luckily, my skills have grown to match their needs and I was able to design them a site which reflects their vintage appeal, great visuals, quirky humour and great presence on social media.

Built on WordPress, with colours and style to compliment their cool new logo (not one of mine), Nancy and Pearl were really pleased with their new site, and the immediate response from their fans was very positive:

“Wow, I love it! Fantastic stylish design!!”

“An excellent website and totally in keeping with your outstanding talents.”

Wicked Hairpins

Wicked Haiprins retail hairpin and other legs for furniture. They approached me for an e-commerce site to replace their misfiring Wix site. Thankfully they fully understood that a bespoke solution was their best bet for brand identity, usability, best practices in UX and UI, and therefore e-commerce conversion.

I designed them a new logo and a responsive site with a clean and modern look to let their products shine through.

The site is built on WordPress and the e-commerce is powered by a customised version of the WooCommerce plugin. This was only my second attempt at integrating this plugin into a theme, and it has been a sharp learning curve which required extensive testing and revision. I’m really pleased with the finished product and, more importantly, so are the clients.

Following sign-off, I’m pleased to report that Wicked Hairpins are now gaining sales through their new site and that I am hoping to work with them again in the future on another e-commerce project.

Cymbomute Trade Sales

Cymbomute are an innovative cymbal muting system, allowing drummers to practice at home without damaging their ears and disturbing their neighbours. The innovative part is that, unlike regular cymbal mutes consisting of rubber pads placed over the cymbals, Cymbomute‘s rim covers do not effect the natural feel of the cymbals, thus making practice all the more ‘real’.

The creator and Director of Cymbomute, Hugh Lawrence, already has a successful ecommerce site built on Shopify, but needed a solution as he rolls his product out to retail stockists. It was therefore my pleasure to build Cymbomute Trade Sales  to facilitate ordering for retail partners.

The responsive design sits on WordPress and is a members only password protected site. This meant that Hugh needed to update stock options, control user access, assign shipping rates to his users and enable PayPal to take payments. All of this was successfully built into the site.

I am looking forward to developing my relationship with Cymbomute, advising Hugh on eCommerce strategy and Google Analytics in the near future.

Cup North

Cup North is a food and drink festival dedicated to the fuel behind Brickwick Projects – really good coffee. It took place on 1st and 2nd of November 2014 and needed a high quality website to include events, news, location details and more.

The site was therefore designed to be both minimal and packed full of information. As usual, it’s responsive so that it can be viewed on any device easily. It includes some nice little animated techniques and some elements of flat design to keep it all on trend and cool-looking.

I’m proud of the easy to use WordPress customised interface and the finished design. I’m also really looking forward to the event itself and hopefully the basis of this web build can be used for Cup North festivals in years to come too!