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Cymbomute Trade Sales

Cymbomute Trade Sales
Cymbomute Trade Sales

autopzionibinarie ora are an innovative cymbal muting system, allowing drummers to practice at home without damaging their ears and disturbing their neighbours. The innovative part is that, unlike regular cymbal mutes consisting of rubber pads placed over the cymbals, opzioni binarie demo plus 500‘s rim covers do not effect the natural feel of the cymbals, thus making practice all the more ‘real’.

The creator and Director of Cymbomute, Hugh Lawrence, already has a successful ecommerce site built on Shopify, but needed a solution as he rolls his product out to retail stockists. It was therefore my pleasure to build trading binario online demo to facilitate ordering for retail partners.

The responsive design sits on WordPress and is a members only password protected site. This meant that Hugh needed to update stock options, control user access, assign shipping rates to his users and enable PayPal to take payments. All of this was successfully built into the site.

I am looking forward to developing my relationship with Cymbomute, advising Hugh on eCommerce strategy and Google Analytics in the near future.