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Images From The Frontline

Funded by the UK Arts Council, and designed to coincide with the start of the World War 1 centenary celebrations, Images From The Frontline is an animation project, made as a collaboration between young people and professionals in East Lancashire. In sessions with the young people, the storyline was devised, the spoken words were written and much of the animation was done, as well as some ideas for music and sound being laid down.

I then took the skeleton score and fleshed it out, adding some ideas of my own whilst maintaining the basis set down by the young people during the workshops. Meanwhile, Dan and Alice from Rowbot Street edited and enhanced the visuals, whilst some professional actors voiced the speaking parts.

The finished film were shown at the Ace Centre in Colne as part of an immersive multi-screen experience. Colne and Nelson, like much of the North West, were effected strongly by the devastation of World War 1, as many men joined the so-called Pals’ Battalions, fighting and dying together in the trenches.

As usual on a Rowbot Street project, the experience has been fun, gratifying and thoroughly worthy!

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