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Images From The Frontline

Funded by the UK Arts Council, and designed to coincide with the start of the World War 1 centenary celebrations, Images From The Frontline is an animation project, made as a collaboration between young people and professionals in East Lancashire. In sessions with the young people, the storyline was devised, the spoken words were written and much of the animation was done, as well as some ideas for music and sound being laid down.

I then took the skeleton score and fleshed it out, adding some ideas of my own whilst maintaining the basis set down by the young people during the workshops. Meanwhile, Dan and Alice from Rowbot Street edited and enhanced the visuals, whilst some professional actors voiced the speaking parts.

The finished film were shown at the Ace Centre in Colne as part of an immersive multi-screen experience. Colne and Nelson, like much of the North West, were effected strongly by the devastation of World War 1, as many men joined the so-called Pals’ Battalions, fighting and dying together in the trenches.

As usual on a Rowbot Street project, the experience has been fun, gratifying and thoroughly worthy!

Henry Botham

Henry Botham is a great pianist who specialises is stride piano and the funky sound of New Orleans. As well as his website, which features parallax scrolling backgrounds and some other cool scroll effects, I have been working on some EPK material for some of Henry’s projects.

The website is built on WordPress, is super-customisable and is responsively designed, meaning it will adapt to any screen size.

Aquillo Consulting

Aquillo is a specialist international renewable energy consultancy based in Edinburgh. for their launch they needed a website and a logo, with a style and feel to reflect their industry, and their professionalism and experience.

The logo design reflects both the three blades of a turbine used in onshore and offshore wind generation, as well as the earth, water and sun reflected in the colour scheme.

The website is, as usual, designed on the wonderful WordPress CMS, as a bespoke responsive theme. It is therefore mobile friendly and fully customisable by the client. In this case, this includes colours, fonts, menus and many other aspects of the final layout.

It’s been great to work on a project for a different industry, bringing both new challenges and a fresh perspective to the design and build and final look and feel of the logo and website. Brickwick Projects wishes Richard and Aquillo the best of luck for the business!

Northern Light Counselling

Sometimes a client will have their site designed elsewhere but recognise the need to have it work effectively across different web browsers and devises. In this case, Heather from North Light Counselling in Manchester needed a website optimising so that it worked across a variety of screen sizes.

Due to the original build, this mobile optimisation required what is in effect a mobile site, matched to the original style, and activated via media queries. This allowed the original design to remain and the still give it a ‘responsive design’ feel.

Kirk McElhinney

Kirk is a singer, guitarist and master-craftsman songwriter. His new album will be released in January 2014 and he needed a website design, WordPress integration and some website copy.

Needless to say, the bespoke theme that was designed is fully responsive and features an off-canvas menu on mobile.

Naomi Koop

First rebuilding and then augmenting Naomi’s old site was the task for this web build project. As an in-demand violinist looking to showcase her ‘Vintage’ ensembles, Naomi needed a site that is easy to navigate and gives plenty of opportunity for clients to contact her for bookings.

This site is built around a bespoke WordPress theme and is fully responsive to look good on all devices.

The Songwriting Charity

I have been lucky to spend some time doing some freelance work with The Nathan Timothy Foundation (aka the Songwriting Charity), helping groups of 11 year olds to write ‘One Song In One Day’ as part of summer schools in the North West of England.

The groups ranged from 12 to 30 kids, and my role has been to help them to generate, perform and record lyrics, melodies and raps from scratch in just a few hours, which were then taken away to form a song. These songs were available to load within a few hours on Soundcloud.

I have worked in music education for many years now, including some recent composition work with kids for Rowbot Street Films. It never ceases to amaze me that, given the same brief – in this case a celebration of sports and sporting success inspired by London 2012 – groups of young people working together can come up with such varied ideas, creating quite different songs each time. Certainly, the producer on the day can influence the style, tempo and finished product, but the vast majority, if not all of the ideas come from the participants. Both Chris Hughes from Oscillate Studio and Samuel Ferry from Liverpool did a great job of recording the kids in sometimes noisy classrooms, and although they’re always likely to be a little rough around the edges, the songs turned out great. Below are a couple of my favourites from the sessions, and hopefully there will be more to come in the future.

You can check out and support the Nathan Timothy Foundation here.

Rowbot Street

The lovely folks at Rowbot Street work with young people and local community groups to create short films, animations and puppet projects. They were kind enough to employ me on some of their First Light Studio grant projects, working to help create music for two of their three films made by young people from Lancashire.

Boxes And Bombshells, a World War Two time-travel adventure, was created by young people and Colne Primet High School. Working on location in Colne we recorded sound effects and wrote and recorded a musical theme for the film’s main character.

The Chase For the Case, made by young people at Waterside Youth Centre, is a silent comedy chase, and so needed music throughout. Brilliantly, this film was shortlisted by Kids for Kids Film Festival and so was screened at the BFI South Bank in London on 26th October 2013. Congratulations Rowbot Street!

It was great to work with a great company like Rowbot Street, doing such brilliant work and inspiring youngsters in the creative arts. I’m looking forward to working with them more in the future.

Chorlton Coffee Festival Trailer

Shot around the cafes of Chorlton in South Manchester, this video trailer promotes the first Chorlton Coffee Festival. Taking inspiration from other food festival videos, I wanted to highlight the skills of some of the local baristas, a few of the people in the area’s coffee shops and of course, the coffee itself.

This film was shot with help from Liam Tully.