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Sing in Class

Sing In Class ticked all the boxes for a Brickwick Project, with music, digital downloads and education all in the mix. Plus, I am happy to thoroughly endorse the product, as I’ve use the songs myself with plenty of success in the past.

So, if you have a primary class who could use some very funny songs, some kids at home who could use some new songs to sing in the car, or maybe you’re from foreign climes and just want to practice your English through singing, take a look at the Sing In Class website, which is fully functional on all devices, comes with bright and fun colours and is badged by a reworked logo. Fun fun fun!

Oli Nez

Oli is a great Saxophone player from London via Wales. In early 2013 he wanted a cool, hip website built around WordPress to promote him and his music. The resulting fully responsive theme design is bespoke and uses mobile-first web design techniques, reflecting the cool monochrome look of his photographs, and included a front-page bespoke-styled jPlayer music player.

Later in the year, as his album was coming up for release, he needed a slick cover layout to compliment both his web brand and the super-cool images shot by top jazz photographer Benjamin Amure. It was a pleasure to work for Oli, and you can check out his album via his page.

Oli was pleased with the results and speed of service:

“Working with Brickwick Projects on web design was a joy. I told Paul that I didn’t need my site ready for another month, within a week it was up and working! I’d heard WordPress was easy to operate but had no idea it would be as easy as it is. Brickwick Projects even sent me an instruction guide on how to update my site. I can now update it from anywhere in the world, even on my phone! The site is just what I asked for, stylish and easy to use! Chuffed !!”