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Purple Riot

Purple Riot Homepage
Purple Riot
Purple Riot
Purple Riot

Purple Riot are an integrated marketing company based in Manchester. They specialise in the fashion and retail sectors and had previously managed to scrape by with a DIY site. The company MD Nikki came to Brickwick Projects for her website redesign and build when she decided it was time for more functionality, content, flexibility, mobile-readiness and better on page SEO.

Their old site had some of the look they wanted, but none of the more slick and clean feel that their industry requires.This mean some touches of jQuery for a ‘chase’ effect for the grid overlays on various pages and some strong design elements such as the service circles, clearly stating what Purple Riot has to offer its clients.

This was therefore a website redesign with a strong and ambitious brief which, if you take a closer look at Purple Riot, is also what their business is all about.

Do you need a fresh look for your business’ shop window on the web? If so, get in touch for a chat.


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