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Rowbot Street

Miglior sito per investire in borsa, Iqoptiom

Miglior sito per investire in borsa, Iqoptiom

The lovely folks at Rowbot Street work with young people and local community groups to create short films, animations and puppet projects. They were kind enough to employ me on some of their First Light Studio grant projects, working to help create music for two of their three films made by young people from Lancashire.

Boxes And Bombshells, a World War Two time-travel adventure, was created by young people and Colne¬†Primet High School. Working on location in Colne we recorded sound effects and wrote and recorded a musical theme for the film’s main character.

The Chase For the Case, made by young people at Waterside Youth Centre, is a silent comedy chase, and so needed music throughout. Brilliantly, this film was shortlisted by Kids for Kids Film Festival and so was screened at the BFI South Bank in London on 26th October 2013. Congratulations Rowbot Street!

It was great to work with a great company like Rowbot Street,¬†doing such brilliant work and inspiring youngsters in the creative arts. I’m looking forward to working with them more in the future.

Other projects involving Education// Film // Music