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Switched On

Switched On
Switched On
Switched On
Switched On

Switched On, a new PR and consumer lifestyle agency based in Brighton, needed a website after bagging some top class early clients such as Ford, Taste of London Festival and Vitl. They wanted clear brand identity using a pre-exiting colour pallette, a functionality to allow for regular updates involving images and video, and a look and feel to the site that was in keeping with both their brand and their industry.

After initial consultation, it was decided to use a grid layout for regularly updated content, with three custom post types to fill this – ‘news’, ‘work’ and ‘stuff we like’. This could then sit under and optional ‘hero area’, to help to establish and emphasise the brand in the company’s earlier days. For this I utilised svg¬†vector images with css animations to bring it to life, as the client was not keen on large generic images. The animations are intended to represent the dynamic and connected world of PR, as well as reflecting the brand name.

After such an impressive start, it was clear that Switched On needed a future-proof, expandable and content-ready site to expand with them. This is now what they have and I look forward to seeing them grow even more.