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Wicked Hairpins

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.45.50
Wicked Hairpins
Wicked Hairpins

Wicked Haiprins retail hairpin and other legs for furniture. They approached me for an e-commerce site to replace their misfiring Wix site. Thankfully they fully understood that a bespoke solution was their best bet for brand identity, usability, best practices in UX and UI, and therefore e-commerce conversion.

I designed them a new logo and a responsive site with a clean and modern look to let their products shine through.

The site is built on WordPress and the e-commerce is powered by a customised version of the WooCommerce┬áplugin. This was only my second attempt at integrating this plugin into a theme, and it has been a sharp learning curve which required extensive testing and revision. I’m really pleased with the finished product and, more importantly, so are the clients.

Following sign-off, I’m pleased to report that Wicked Hairpins are now gaining sales through their new site and that I am hoping to work with them again in the future on another e-commerce project.

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